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What’s a Newfypoo?


Newdle (nood’l) noun – (New)foundland + poo(dle)  aka- Newfypoo

  • Sunny disposition: The Newfypoo will fit into anyone’s definition of family life.
  • Smart and easy to train: The Newfypoo has been trained for, and makes a
    wonderful service dog.
  • Cuddly little bear cubs: When they grow up,  Newfypoos are very handsome and
  • Non-shedding, no drool: The Newfypoo combines the best of both breeds.
  • Having the genetics for long life and good health: A Newfypoo is the best
    companion you will ever have.

Synonyms: newdle, newfypoo, newfiedoodle, newfoundoodle

Lonny has been breeding and raising quality Newfypoos since before they were “a thing”. Always looking out for the best traits in both the dams and sires, Lonny’s puppies are known far and wide as some of the best of this new “breed”.

Lonny Foster, Newfypoo Breeder

“Those having torches, will pass them on to others.”


Introducing Mike & Jackie Foster

After over a decade as the Top Dog at Lucky Day Ranch and one of the original breeders and advocates for the Newfypoo combination, the time has come for Lonny to pass the torch of trust and commitment to the next generation.

Lonny’s son Mike, along with his wife Jackie and their two kids, will now be managing the day-to-day operations of the kennel. The dogs have been relocated to their home in SW Missouri making it a much more centralized location for Newfypoo lovers across the nation to have easy access to the gentle line Lonny has so lovingly nurtured over the years.

While Lonny will remain in an advisory role, Mike and Jackie are excited to carry on the great Newfypoo traditions started at the Colorado Lucky Day Ranch!

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Our Available Newfypoo Puppies

6 years old

 Why Newfypoos?

I’ve been raising Newfypoos (or Newdles as I call them) for over 10 years in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Before that I raised various other breeds, including Newfoundlands and Standard Poodles.  Once I discovered how absolutely fabulous the cross between these two breeds was, I changed my focus to raising the very best Newdles I could. Through selective breeding, combining only the best moms and dads of each breed, I’ve been able to raise the kind of puppies I would place with my own family.

Newfypoos are sweet, calm, hypo-allergenic, and get along well with other dogs, children, and other pets.  When you have a Newdle in your house, happiness and love reign.  Even better, no-shed and no-drool is the rule. If you love Newfoundlands, the drool is something you live with. Their laid-back personality and easy going nature is what you value. Poodle lovers appreciate the no-shed coat and understand how easy it is to train a poodle. They’re so smart, you need to keep them busy so they’re challenged.  You put these two together and you get a Newdle, the best dog you will ever have!

I typically have puppies available throughout the year, but they do go fast. If you’re interested in becoming one of our many Newdle converts, give me a call and get your deposit in to lock in your spot on my waiting list. You can also call to see what puppies I may have available for their forever homes.
For more information, call Lonny – 719-320-7146 or Jackie – 336-207-4151


the Inside Story

Life With A Newfypoo


 The Newfypoo is a wonderful, alert, friendly, playful, intelligent, loyal and loving dog. They make wonderful family dogs and are great with children.  In the last few years, many Newfypoos have been trained and successfully serve as personal assistance dogs.

Grooming and Maintenance

Newfypoos are low to no shed dogs. Lucky Day Ranch Newypoos are typically no shed. They have a fine, wavy coat that needs regular attention and trimming. In particular, the hair around their eyes can get in the way and needs to be trimmed often, as well as their prominent beard that needs regular cleaning. 

 Training and Exercise

 These happy, intelligent dogs need daily walks, or at least regular times where they can feel challenged and active. They need plenty of room to run and are surprisingly quick and agile for their size.

5 years old

Lonny is a wonderful man. He truly cares about his dogs and the breed he is working to create. He takes not only health but temperament into account when breeding. He knows both the Newfoundland and Poodle breed EXTREMELY well. We loved working with him. We were on his waiting list for just under a year and when the puppies were born he was wonderful with communication until we were able to bring her home. We decided to have her flown to us from his ranch in Colorado. He took transportation very seriously and she arrived happy and in great health. She is everything he said she would be. A beautiful, bright, happy, minimal shedding, no drooling and intelligent pup! Very trainable! She was potty trained at 7 months, has grown with our young (6 month old when they met) babies, and is very loving to our cats and other dogs. I am in awe of the Newfoundland/Poodle mix. She is everything I ever dreamed of in a dog. THANK YOU LONNY! ❤️

Kaitlin Sowards

The Stats

Breed Characteristics

Love and Devotion

Newfypoos are as close to the perfect family dog as you’ll find; provided you have the room and time for them. Loyal, protective, intelligent, calm, and gentle are all words used to describe this amazing breed.


Newfypoos are large, beautiful dogs. An adult Newfypoo can stand 24 to 32 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh between 70 to 120 pounds. Ultimately, the size will depend on the size of each parent and is unpredictable.

The Newfypoo typically has a thick, curly, oily, and water-resistant coat. Most common colors are black, brown, and golden with the occasions multicolor coming through with some breedings.
Diet and Nutrition

Like other large, fast growing breeds, you’ll want to monitor calories and rate of growth of your puppies. As adults, they’re also prone to bloat because of their deep-chested conformation and should be fed in multiple, small meals as prevention.

Time Requirements

Highly inteligent and fairly active, Newfypoos are not the easiest of breeds to raise. They need at least an hour of activity a day and can experience separation anxiety if left alone for long stretches of time. Having an owner with time to spend with their pup is ideal for this breed.

Health Concerns

As with any mixed-breed dog, you can expect fewer genetic problems than with either parent breeds. With that said, however, you should also anticipate a tendency towards any disease common in those same breeds.

7 years old

Raving Fans

Happy Families

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Lonny is a caring, honest breeder. Lonny is the best breeder out there for Newfypoo/Newdle puppies. He is spot on with his genetics, charges an honest fee (no price gouging!), and he clearly does what’s best for his animals—He invented this breed!!! We couldn’t be happier with our gentle, smart, healthy, gorgeously strong Beau! We had a bit of a wait, but it was well worth it. Be patient; you won’t regret it.
Rachael Young

Lonny! Kyburz is 9 months tomorrow and the joy of our lives: still can’t thank you enough. He was the big boy of the litter and at 105 lbs that hasn’t changed… still can’t find the poodle in him!!! He’s an angel. We’d love to hear from his brothers and sister so if your pup from Lonny was whelped on 3/26/18, give me a shout out. If you’re on the fence about this breed or breeder take the plunge. Best decision we have ever made.

Jeff Williams

We got a dog from Lucky day two years ago, had him flown to Copenhagen Denmark where we believe he is the only Newfypoo in the country. He (Choko) is known all over town and loved by thousands. Performed at Tivoli gardens a few months ago and always a hit with his beautiful presence and happy demeanor. He has been trained with a group of German Shepherds and is smarter than them, although not quite as muscular, but he keeps up. I can recommend Lucky Day and a Newfypoo to anyone.

Mark Ginge-Nielsen

My mom has two dogs from Lonnie that are getting up there in age. They are two of the best dogs she’s ever owned and she’s had dogs constantly as companions for her entire adult life. Newfypoos are amazing loving gentle animals and Lonnie’s are worth every penny. Their temperament can’t be beat.
Benjamin Pound

5 months old

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