This is Mel. I finally made a trip to the Lucky Day Ranch for some fun and cute candid pictures of the variety of Newfypoo puppies for sale at the ranch right now in November 2013. This will be the last puppies available this year (2013) so if you have been wanting one, get your deposit in fast so you won’t be left waiting in the cold for a next years puppy.

They are so So SO cute! And they are some of the friendliest puppies I have ever been mauled by on my trip to the ranch to take pictures and visit.

Here is a link to the pictures I just uploaded to our facebook page of the Newfypoo Puppies.

And just for fun, I will add a couple in on this post too.

There are several left of the chocolate Newfypoo puppies for sale. The golden and the blond Newfypoo puppies are all sold now.

The time spent taking the wild candid photos of the puppies was so much fun. My shoe laces will never be the same and I am sure there are holes in my sweats too. It was fun to see the friendly and happy puppies romping, rolling, wrestling and otherwise having a ball with each other and with my shoes and pants. They were quite the hams too mugging for the camera, when they weren’t trying to eat it that is.


cute newfypoo puppies from lucky day ranch


mom and cute  newfypoo puppy from lucky day ranch


mom and 4 kids  newfypoo puppy from lucky day ranch


cute chocolate  newfypoo puppy from lucky day ranch


just like mom cute golden newfypoo puppy from lucky day ranch


Yes we do like to eat shoelaces and sweat pants- cute newfypoo puppies from lucky day ranch


If you are interested in a Newfypoo puppy for sale at the Lucky Day Ranch, call Loony now at 719-320-7146.

You can also put a deposit on one by going to the right sidebar on the website. There is a special box there to make your deposit through paypal. The puppies are first come, first served as far as making deposits and getting puppies. So if you want to make sure you get one of the chocolate Newdle- Newfypoo puppies that are left in the November litter, be sure to call Lonny and make your deposit right away.


The newfypoos are a newfoundalnd and poodle mix. Lonny is one of the few Newfypoo breeders on the planet and has great dogs/puppies that are consistently no drool and no shed dogs with great personalities and a sweet, loving disposition. WE love our Newdles/Newfypoos!