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7 years old

SOLD OUT–Available April 2015 Golden Newfypoo Puppies For Sale

SOLD OUT Call for next litter. Available May 2015 You know those cute golden newfypoo puppies people ask for that come up once in a blue moon? Well, we had a litter recently that was mostly golden puppies! They will be ready for their forever homes mid April, just...

SOLD OUT—We Have Spring Newfypoo Puppies! Available March 2015

THIS LITTER IS SOLD OUT...call for info on our next available litter in April. Greetings from Newdle-land at The Lucky Day Ranch! We have had so many people call, message or write recently asking about our puppies and when the next Newdle/Newfypoo puppies would be...

SOLD-Newfypoo Puppies – 3 Gorgeous Males- August 25, 2014 SOLD

They are all sold as of 8/29/2014  New ones on the way! Call to reserve now~ Oh My Goodness!!!! And... OMD! (oh my dog!!!) Here are the updated pictures for the 3 male newfypoo puppies for sale that are available right now! Gorgeous, good minded as Lonny would say,...