What’s the latest NEWS at the Lucky Day Ranch?!

The big news this year has been the Royal Gorge fire that was burning right over the hill from the Ranch. The road was closed, there were mandatory evacuations and Lonny chose to stay with the puppies/dogs/horses and Norman the steer instead of leaving them or trying to evacuate all of them. He did evacuate new litters of puppies and a pregnant female just to be safe. And even though he could see the flames from his front porch, leaving did not seem like the best answer for all concerned with the stress and anxiety that it would bring. So stay he did and in the end, the Lucky Day Ranch and all its inhabitants lived to tell the tale.

So the Newfypoo fire babies are the ones that are flying out to their new homes right now. They are being sent to new places all over the country.

We are also seeing many of the Newfypoos going into service as service, therapy and helper dogs. We couldn’t be more proud. These dogs are the best, most fun, laid back, even tempered, joyful, loving dogs we have ever seen.

Lots of the Newfypoo parents/owners post their pics and stories on our facebook page. Please share your stories and pictures too. We love to know how the puppies are doing and seeing them grow up is a wonderful thing.

Of the miracle fire babies we have 5 beautiful newfypoo puppies left that are ready to go right now! Yes, they are going fast! There are 4 females and 1 male available. All the rest are sold and shipping or being picked up as you read this.

Which puppy is yours? Is it in this litter of gorgeous puppies? You never know….better look at the pictures below or larger version on our facebook page or on our website.


If you would like to make a Newdle puppy part of your forever home, call 719-320-7146  right away as the puppies tend to go fast when we announce them online and by email. Then go to the right side of any page on the website and look in the right sidebar to make a deposit. 

You can make a deposit to secure your puppy right there on the website.

If you have any questions, please call me @ 719-320-7146.

Happy Trails and Tails to you!

(and Mel- faithful sidekick and webmaster)

Lonny Foster
Lucky Day Ranch
Canon City, CO

PS- Just a word on the puppy pics. They are not the best pictures that we have ever taken. The puppies are a few weeks older now, much cuter and have so much more personality. We were hoping to get some new ones taken but wanted to get these out at least and will have some new ones up by the weekend.

newfypoo puppy for sale

Female Newfypoo Puppy- BB3F

pictures of Newfypoo puppies for sale

Female Newfypoo Puppy- B2F

pictures of Newfypoo puppies for sale

Female Newfypoo Puppy B3F

pictures of Newfypoo puppies for sale

Female Newfypoo Puppy- BB2F

pictures of Newfypoo puppies for sale

Male Newfypoo Puppy